Thursday, 12 March 2015

Preposition Poems

The Stars

When I look into the stars, I see my dreams floating away,

Up in the dark sky, glistening twinkles take over the silent night.

When I’m lost in the stars, I see my happiness fading away,

As a shooting star sweeps above my head, I try again to fulfil my life,

But these ambitions all sit stationary in an empty wasteland.

Huw and Nuha


Inside my dreams are magical secrets no one will never know.

Without my dreams I will be stuck in a world of tiredness dreamless land.

Opposite of dreams are dark and deep nightmares who destroy bright dreams from the magical realm.

 In my dreams is a land of happiness where your limit is your imagination.

Behind my dreams are amazing eyes who plan these wonderful dreams.

On my dreams are nightmares which will take over my fearless mind and body.

Until I stop sleeping my dreams will never run away from my mind 


Up, up, up in space you can see stars,

In space they are enormous,
Down on Earth, they look like DIMINUTIVE balls

Around the stars is twinkling dust.

It looks like it would only take you a few minutes to get there

But actually it takes so much longer



In my dreams, there’s a humungous world I can imagine,

Around my dreams, there’s all sorts happening.
Inside my dreams, there’re friendly creatures you never imagine,
Without my dreams, I’ll be stuck behind.
Aran Shah

 On top of the car was a clear blue sky,
 Under the car was the Earth’s core,
 Outside the car was a brick house
 Inside the car was millions of tiny ants,
 Near the car was a brick wall.
 On the car was a hairy racoon,
 Beside the car was a human,
 Opposite the car was a lonely stranger.
 Aran G

My F1 Car

Under my F1 car are KM and miles of tarmac,                                       

besides my F1 car is my helmet,

inside my F1 car is lots of high tech gadgetry,

above my F1 car is a clear sea blue sky.

Alongside my F1 car are lots of dependable sponsors,

Opposite my F1 car are lots of adoring fans,

Behind my F1 car , Lewis Hamilton trying to perform a overtake,

Following my F1 car you can hear the roaring v8 engine.

Aboard my F1 car I am concentrating on nothing but the road,

Near my F1 car you get an extraordinary buzzing feeling,

By my F1 car are my nervous pit crew,

Without my F1 car I am nothing.

Ethan Templeton.


In my head lie dreams of all shapes and size,
Inside my dreams are mysterious characters I met in the past,
Beyond my dreams lie horrors and screams,

After the time I slumber I will have many dreams and they will be filled
with mystery, horror and laughter.

Farzia Hussain and Mia Pumo


Above my head, a spectrum forms
During the night, it looks in but I look out
In the sky, the colours if the night shine bright
Outside, a sleek, black background begins
After a while, the stars appear
On and off the shades sparkle
Along the dream world path I go
Towards the future, full of life


Behind me stands my haunting past,

In front lives my unknown future,

Above me gleam the fluffy crystal clouds,

Below me my vermilion larva past scrapes earth’s core.

Forwards and upwards I travel,

Towards all positive things,

Hoping downwards and backwards,

Don't follow me towards my dreams.
Grace Twidell 

The night
Outside my window the murky night was assassinating the pure light.
On the sky the sparkling stars look terrified at the show and preserve the dream.
Onto the parade the life and the death were crying for the people,
While the moon has left her luminous dress to go out to the sky.
In my head the dreams are thinking about the world.


In the city

In the city lives a darkness dwelling all alone seeking revenge on those who stopped him many years ago                                                                     
He starts knocking on your door and waiting for an answer he smiles some more

As you go to answer and give your welcoming call
A feeling of dread and danger washes inside your head
Once you stand before the door you know it’s too late you
Open it and see the sinister figure there
In the city there’s a body dead upon the floor...


The Stadium

Beside the stadium you can smell the fresh hotdog van,   
Inside the stadium you can hear the faint echo of the away teams’ fans.
On the pitch a ball, a goal, 11 players and a manager.
Beyond the stadium you can see the crowds rushing and cheering

In the middle of the pitch you can hear the captain shrieking at the players. 


The room

Beside the room is a big ginger cat,

Bellow the room is a secret stash of money,

On top of the room lives a grey satellite picking up signals,                                                                    

Opposite the room is a locked door that has never been opened,

Inside the room is an old cellar that only the owner has been in but he never came out,

My football  

Beside my football is a colossal stadium

Inside my football is a large world of foam

Below my football is the emerald green grass

On top of my football is the shining bright light

On my football is chocolate brown mud

Ibraz Rahman

My Dream

Around my dream an elephant was walking slower than a snail.

Inside my dream a battle was taking place in the Lord of the underworlds Realm.

In my dream a giant mountain fell to the ground with flakes of snow fluttering around,

Up in my dream Hades was bellowing in rage at his Brothers.

Above my dream a giant volcano exploded with ashes!

Jacques Cameron


Through an eye you can see the world                   

Through the world an eye you can see.

Inside an eye is veins, tubes and blood.

Inside an eye is the power of sight.

I am opposite you, I am also facing.

I am beside you, I am next to.   

I am inside a house, I am outside the street.

I am back in bed, I have a back to the bed.

Kit Kat the Hamster

Behind me sleeps my cute little friend

Inside of her cage, she eats and sleeps all day long.

During the night, swinging from the bars in her cage

Back and forth she hides and runs.

Through the clear plastic cage crawls a diminutive hamster

Not knowing one is watching her, day and night.

A hand goes in, a hand goes out

Refilling her food and water for the rest of her life.



Among the stars, is a luminous moon,

After the stars, have their lives they face resurrection,

Beneath the stars, lie seven lifeless planets,


Before the stars set, meteorites will brush past,

Around the stars, are glistening galaxies,

Between the sparkling stars, shoot rockets to the moon,


Opposite the stars , are twinkling dust,

Above the stars, lie an endless universe,

Inside the stars, are flaming star bursts,

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Khadijah Ahmed and Louise Deans

Behind the box, is the same box as it started with

In front of the box, is the hard dreaded future

Inside the box, is a mystery forever hidden

Outside the box, is the plain vision of it

Above the box, is an infinite possibility

Opposite the box, are things that can’t be seen

Through the box, is an impossible path

Below the box, is the biggest riddle

Around the box, flows the rhythm of life.

Without the box, there would be no curiosity

Lewis Hopkins


Through the night my thoughts come alive,

In a wondrous make-believe world,

There are gates that block out nightmares,

Cages that hold them hostage.

But sometimes they break free.

Into your mind they dive,

Boring holes in your head,

Implanting themselves in your eyes,

Through your life they scar you.

Beware the nightmares,

The ones that haunt dreams,

Build your gates to the clouds,

Don’t ever let the nightmares free.

Lucy Schalkwyk

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