Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sought It Out! by Class 1

A homophones poem based on the work of Pie Corbett

I was working today in a pear,

(And got a fruity surprise).

I had breakfast this mourning,

(But my coco pops drowned).

I shattered a pain of glass,

(It cried out in agony).

I was going to sell a potato on ebay,

(Then I was arrested and locked behind bars).

I thought I would make a prophet from the job,

(And spread the good news to my people).

My family measured the bridle dress,

(It reared and bucked).

The bride walked down the isle,

(And got her dress wet in the sea).

Meanwhile I picked a bury in the woods,
(And had to dig for hours).

My older brother, however, likes to grown a lot,

(So now he’s too tall to fit through the door!).

Later I had a guessed coming to my door,

(But I had to find out who it was).

I tried to catch a hare for lunch,

(But it leapt onto my hair).

By now I was feeling too week to continue,

(I had been working for seven days!).

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Sought it out!

Year 6 have been working on homophones in their spelling lessons: words that sound the same but have different spellings.  Class 2 wrote poems based on Pie Corbett's Sought it out!. Here are a selection.

Louise and Nuha

I pawed the dog in the cup, 
(he was all runny).

I blew my knows in a tissue,

(it was full of knowledge).

I called until my voice was hoarse,

(it ran away from me).

I saw a man grown in agony,

(yet, he was really short).

I dreamed of my enormous dessert,

(it was full of sand).

I watched my favourite TV cereal,

(it was moving around in my bowl).

I went to fetch the male,

(it had just come home from work).

Queen Victoria rained for 64 years,

(in the end she drowned).

I know knot to do it,

(my shoelaces would never come untied).


I tried to send a male,

(and I lost my Dad).

I wanted to eat my serial,

(but I cracked the TV).

I couldn't sleep at knight,

(it was too cold).

Khadijah and Grace

I poured milk on my serial,

(but the TV exploded).

I cent my friend a package, 

(and got some money back).

I found a hare on my bed, 

(but to my surprise it hopped away).

The author told a tail, 

(the ending wagged happily).

I was walking in the dessert, 

(and found a giant cherry).

My friends and I went to the beech, 

(to our disappointment it had been cut down).

We went to swim in the blew sea, 

(but it had all washed away).

I gave my friend a flour, 

(to my disappointment their smile didn't raise).


It's not fare, 

(I couldn't pay for my bus).

I walked to the beech, 

(and climbed to the top).

At home I ate the serial, 

(It was a great drama).

I broke a pain of glass, 

(It wailed like crazy).

I begged for piece, 

(it was delicious).

Later on that day I played with a bawl, 

(it was too loud for my ears).

It was one of my favourite daze, 

(I was sleeping like a log).

I was crying in the mourning, 

(my cocoa pops had drowned).

I eight a slice, 

(but there were seven left).

I was week for ages, 

(about seven days).

Jessica and Jasmine

I woke up in the mourning, 
(but my toast was sad and soggy).

The judge demanded piece, 

(it was granted with a slice of chocolate cake!).

I completed the coarse,

(and ended up with scars and burns).

I went sea my grandma

(and came back covered in seaweed).

I ate serial while watching TV, 

(and ended up in hospital full of electrical currents!).

Scarlett, Mia and Farzia

I was up all night doing violin practise,

(next day I was late for rehearsals).

I was walking down the isle,

(when a crab bit my toe).

The dog wagged its tale,

(and we all lived happily ever after).

I was on my way to the dessert,

(and ended up with a full stomach).

I went to the see,

(but forgot my glasses).

Huw and Greg

I sat stationery on the floor, 
(then my pencil broke).

The dog wagged his tale,

(and lived happily ever after).

I went to school in the mourning,

(but died from learning too much).

I tried to make piece in the war, 

(but it just got cut into slices).

I did a 10K with my farther,

(he never stopped running).

Lewis and Georgina

I was going to meat a friend today, 

(when I saw him he looked so tasty).

The wind blue my hat away, 

(but the colour wouldn't turn back).

My pencil led fell out

(and found its way to the bin).

I asked for some piece and quiet, 

(but only got a small slice).

My farther went for a run,

(but I don't think he's going to come back).

A heard of sheep came rushing towards us, 

(and people could hear from miles around!).

My baby brother had a huge bawl yesterday, 

(though it didn't take long to bounce away).

I climbed up the beech tree yesterday, 

(when I came down I was covered in sand).

I put my cereal number in at the cashpoint, 

(but only got a small bowl of cornflakes).

My friend nose the answer to the question, 

(she sniffed it out quite easily).

And now it's time to say good knight, 

(and ride on my horse to the land of dreams).


I walked in the dessert,
(but got stuck in the jelly).

I watched the cereal,
(then soaked it with milk).

I blue my candle out,
(but still felt very glum).

I got on the plain,
(but it was very dull).

I climbed the beach tree,
(but came down covered in sand).

My brother had a bawl today,
(but it wasn't long before it bounced away).

It's not fare,
(I couldn't pay for my bus!).

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Mayan Topic Sizzling Starter visit to Chiquitos


Fantastic Fajitas!!!

To start our Mayan topic with a bang, Year 6 visited Chiquitos restuarant in Hatfield to sample traditional cuisine from the Mesoamerican region.  We tucked into Fajitas, Tacos, Enchiladas and many other delights.

The chef very kindly offered to demonstrate how to make salsa following a traditional recipe from Central American. 


Marvellous Mayan Murals

As part of our Mayan topic we have investigated the Bonampak Murals which date back to 800 AD.  These amazing paintings were found in an archaeological site in the Mexican state of Chiapas. In  addition to being amongst the most well-preserved Maya   murals, the Bonampak murals are noteworthy for debunking early assumptions that the Maya were a peaceful culture of mystics, as the murals clearly depict war and human sacrifice. 

We have created out murals depicting life at Cunningham Hill so that the historians can learn about our weird and wonderful ways.  What can you learn about our school from the murals?


Thursday, 23 October 2014

Year 6 Chill Out Day

Year 6 had a great day in the woods creating Mayan Journey sticks playing games.  We created word banks which we have used in poetry and story writing.