Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sought It Out! by Class 1

A homophones poem based on the work of Pie Corbett

I was working today in a pear,

(And got a fruity surprise).

I had breakfast this mourning,

(But my coco pops drowned).

I shattered a pain of glass,

(It cried out in agony).

I was going to sell a potato on ebay,

(Then I was arrested and locked behind bars).

I thought I would make a prophet from the job,

(And spread the good news to my people).

My family measured the bridle dress,

(It reared and bucked).

The bride walked down the isle,

(And got her dress wet in the sea).

Meanwhile I picked a bury in the woods,
(And had to dig for hours).

My older brother, however, likes to grown a lot,

(So now he’s too tall to fit through the door!).

Later I had a guessed coming to my door,

(But I had to find out who it was).

I tried to catch a hare for lunch,

(But it leapt onto my hair).

By now I was feeling too week to continue,

(I had been working for seven days!).

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